Diversified Game started December of 2018, and is based in Seattle, WA, Boston, MA and New York, NY. New episodes come out weekly, on Fridays.

We do our best to cover all topics surrounding entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion from the politically correct to the taboo, even taking to interview those with opposing views from any of our own (trust me we don’t agree on everything), and we’ll be taking the show on the road to tell stories live with any and all of you.





Kellen “Cache/Kash” Coleman is the dynamic founder and principle of Coleman PR & Consulting Firm, he serves as an international business liaison and podcast host for PR Chat Africa in the areas of public relations, marketing, publishing and real estate. He also serves as a Special On-Air correspondent for http://jccafe.co/ aired on 95.1xfm Accra, Ghana. As the co-owner of Fomenky Publishing, he has published a children’s book, “The Adventures of London & Sydney”, written by his young daughters. Coleman is a professionally trained public speaker and is known for making complex topics easy to understand with his content-rich and engaging presentations.

In 2014, Kellen became a published author writing “A Quick Guide to Christian Music, a resource guide for public relations professionals and indie artists teaching them how to navigate the music business. The book provides over one hundred contacts for TV, radio, magazine and how to pitch to the media. Kellen has realized his purpose; that he has a God-given talent for communication and now he is using it to empower young entrepreneurs. “A dream + plan = Goal”, says Kellen ChristianStar.Me is also an inspirational website where Kellen serves as Publicist and consultant for several Christian artists, animation, and movie projects. Kellen and his work has been featured in numerous media outlets across the country and internationally.



Socialpreneur & GQ Insider, Tyson Moultrie, is one-half of the partnership who run Why Blue Matters?® Hybrid Creative Agency + Publication specializing in Strategic Branding, Marketing Innovations, Social Media, Creative Consulting & PR. The Media Trainer for Nellyville Season 2, VIP Guest on Nick Cannon’s Wild’N’Out Season 7, Forbes 30 Under 30 Nominee for 2017, as well as started the first ever Snapchat TV Network, WHYBM Network, and industry recognized Snapchat TV Show, deCODED Sexes with business partner, A.L. Roberts. A writer with Are You The Reason, PopWrapped and Brand Ambassador for brands such as Sharp AQUOS, Hylete, LD West & Mophie. All while being a member of the United States Air Force, currently on reserve duty.

Authored his first inspirational book as well, “Inspired by BLUE: Daily Motivational Verses to Inspire You & Improve Your Life” co-authored by A.L. Roberts.



Taking with him, his love of all things inspiring and motivational, A.L. Roberts has by viewing the world through a different set of iris, discovered the modern-day philosopher’s stone for success. As the Co-Founder as well as the Chief Creative Officer for Why Blue Matters?® Hybrid Creative Agency + Publication, Roberts created what started off Featuring the likes of the up and coming, independent and established, Why Blue Matters or WBM for short, is on one end a boutique agency that takes brands to the next level in the digital and in the real world while on the other, a lifestyle/media platform dedicated to showcasing aspirations and the results of those who turn their aspirations into reality

With phenomenal insight as well as experience earned from developing successful campaigns and strategy for some of the world’s biggest brands, A.L. Roberts brings an alchemical approach when it comes to branding and business.

Life is luxurious. It’s not about finding the silver lining in things but the discovery of gold in everything.
-A.L. Roberts